Eating In: If you wish to make use of il Sogno’s well-equipped kitchen, plenty of local resources are readily available. Many essentials may be purchased at the local alimentari (grocery store), just a few minutes walk from the main gate (near the parcheggio). Also, right outside Casperia’s main gate you will find a butcher shop and a pasticceria selling rice and gluten-free pasta, gelato and pastries. A five-minute walk down the via Roma from Casperia's main gate, fresh, hand-made pasta is available, and if they don’t have what you want, ask and they’ll make it special for tomorrow’s meal. If you can’t find it locally, a larger supermarket is a six- or seven-minute drive away in nearby Cantalupo in Sabina (you will have passed it driving in), and organic, top-quality, locally-produced cheeses, lamb, wine and olive oil (from the Sabina’s own award-winning D.O.P. area) is available from the Ecofattorie in nearby Poggio Mirteto Scalo, on the left, just past the train station.

Dining (and Wining) Out: Casperia's centro storico offers a restaurant with views out over the Tiber valley and two entrancing wine bars (one also an olioteca). Another restaurant, with possibly the best pizza in Italy, is located just outside the main walls, a short walk/drive down the hill from the Porta Santa Maria, the northern entrance to Casperia. Within a few minute’s drive you will find other dining options in the nearby villages of Roccantica, Cantalupo, Poggio Mirteto and Selci.

Other Needs: Near the car park is the Petrocchi Bar, where gas is available 24 hours a day, and you can grab a quick breakfast while you wait for the train to Rome. Also in or just outside the centro storico are a farmacia, a bank (with the indispensable ATM), a beauty salon, a photography shop and a tabacchi shop.

Any need not available in Casperia should be able to be met in nearby Cantalupo or Poggio Mirteto, only ten minutes away by car.

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