"Our trip … was fantastic. The house and Casperia were everything we needed, very relaxing and peaceful. We are ready to move there ourselves."  T. Abendroth – Illinois

"A hotel room is just a hotel room, but to stay at ‘Il Sogno’ in Casperia is truly a unique experience! This "appartamento" has been lovingly restored with exquisite details that capture the tone and feeling of medieval Italy. I felt I had time-traveled back to the fifteenth century and it was hard to return to the modern world after my glorious week in Casperia!"   M. Bryan - New York

"Our stay at Il Sogno made our Italian adventure the trip of a lifetime…convenient to Rome by train, it was easy to spend the day in that bustling city and then come home to a quiet friendly town. Every day I seemed to discover some new treasure, …but the crown jewel was il Sogno — all the conveniences I hoped for yet I felt like I was living in an ancient palace."  M. C. Sadler - Texas

We had a fantastic week in Casperia. Your home is beautiful and extremely comfortable, with everything we could have needed, not to mention the wonderful views. Casperia itself is stunning, and certainly the prettiest and best-preserved of the towns in the area, and the locals were very friendly. We don't think you should do anything differently - it's perfect the way it is, and it was a real pleasure to stay there.  B. Coane - Edinburgh, U.K.

"We had a wonderful time. One does not have to spend much time in Il Sogno to understand where its name came from. It truly is a dream. We enjoyed looking through your photo journal describing the renovation. What an impressive amount of work! Thank you for going above and beyond by providing all the tips and information that made our stay extra special. We quite appreciated all the personal touches and details. At the start of the week, our goal was to discover new restaurants in the area to add to the book, but your favorites turned out to so good, we couldn't resist going back to them!"  A. Mills - California

"We arrived home this afternoon. [My husband] commented, 'I can't believe I woke up today in Casperia ... seems like a dream.' Il Sogno WAS a dream, a lovely, comfortable, enchanting getaway. You have done a gorgeous and thoughtful job of renovating."  B. Swec - Connecticut

"My family and I would like to thank you for our wonderful stay in Casperia. Il Sogno was a fabulous retreat – tasteful and comfortable. I enjoyed the pictorial depiction of the original shell and marveled at the transformation. We had everything we needed, except more days there to enjoy it!"  R. Cohen - North Carolina

"Who needs Tuscany?"   A. Cody – New Jersey

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