By Automobile from Fiumicino Airport: follow the signs to the airport exit. You will soon find yourself on the autostrada, heading east, towards Rome.

After a short ride (7 miles, 12 km), you will intersect the GRA (the Grande Raccordo Anulare, Rome's primary outer loop, also called the E-80).

Take the GRA north (left) for approximately 16 miles (30 km) following the signs to Florence (Firenze) and the A-1.

Take EXIT 10 to the A1 / FIRENZE / E45, NORTH, towards Florence. This is a toll road.

After approximately 23 miles (40 km) on the A-1, take the Ponzano Romano-Soratte exit. From that exit, head east, across the Tiber River, following the signs to Poggio Mirteto and Cantalupo (you will turn to the right at the "T" immediately after you cross the Tiber (Tevere) heading towards Gavignano Sabino.

After a few kilometers of meandering, you will come to a second "T" junction at Hwy S-313 where you will turn left, following signs towards Terni, Cantalupo in Sabina & Casperia. At Cantalupo, do NOT turn right at the first sign for the village, but continue straight a few hundred meters until the road forks. The left fork goes to Terni. Take the right fork into Cantalupo. The road winds a bit, but soon you will arrive at an intersection and turn left towards Casperia. Signs will help.

Ten or so kilometers after leaving Cantalupo, you will reach Casperia. As you enter Casperia, il parcheggio (the village's free parking lot) will be on the left, marked by a large blue & white "P" sign. Park there — there is no charge.

After parking, when you exit the parcheggio on foot, you will see the Blu Bar (gas, bar etc.) across the way. This is a social center of Casperia. Your contact (Rosella) will meet you at the Blu Bar at the appointed time. If for some reason she is not there when you arrive, the staff at the Blu Bar can help you call her, so relax, and treat yourself to an espresso or a prosecco. She will be along directly and escort you to il Sogno.

By Automobile from Ciampino Airport:

Ciampino Airport is located immediately adjacent to the GRA. Exit the Airport to the right, then enter and proceed north (right) on the GRA for just over 13 miles (22 km). Take EXIT 10 toward the A1 / FIRENZE / E45. From Exit 10, follow directions above, from Fiumicino.

By Train: The Orte line from Fiumicino Airport passes through downtown Rome's Tiburtina Station and continues to Poggio Mirteto Scalo, where frequent buses run to Casperia. From Ciampino Airport, take the local transportation to Stazione Termini and then transfer to Tiburtina Station. At Tiburtina, catch an Orte train to Poggio Mirteto. Some trains to Orte originate at Tiburtina, while others originate at Fiumicino Airport and can be boarded at Tuburtina.

Do not confuse Tuburtina Station in Rome with Rome's Stazione Termini, and if you are taking a taxi, make sure the driver understands which "stazione ferroviaria" you want to go to, as they frequently assume the English-speaking tourist wants Termini, Roma's principal station.

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